July 31.

Golden level from HVG company monitoring

Weekly financial newspaper HVG with is partner Céginformáció Kft. are monitoring financial performance of companies in Hungary, based on publicly available information and annual reports. Our firm is being audited for three years, and this July we achieved the highest level niveau, called the Golden level.

January 26.

Excellent SME recognition

COFACE Hungary company-monitoring firm recognizes that we have fulfilled all criteria of being an Excellent SME. Thereby we belong to the top 10% financially most stable companies of our sector in Hungary.

November 22.

Top3 most intelligent small enterprise in Hungary

We finished in the top3 of the Most Intelligent Firm 2021 competition category!

June 16.

Open for business

Being open is a good thing. As an open company, we regard it as a fundamental corporate value that our employees and our partners are judged solely on the basis of their actions and their work performance, and without regard for their sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background, political convictions, physical abilities, or other characteristics.