Excellent SME recognition

January 26.

COFACE Hungary company-monitoring firm recognizes that we have fulfilled all criteria of being an Excellent SME. Thereby we belong to the top 10% financially most stable companies of our sector in Hungary.

Excellent SME recognition

Operating in the consulting sector, it is important for us what the market and especially our clients think about is. According to that, we are expecting (and receiving) external audit report on our financial performance every year since our foundation. At the beginning of this year we have changed our corresponding partner therefore our new report on 26 January was issued by Coface Hungary: it states that our financial reliability in 2023 and also as the average of the last three years is above the market average in Hungary. This is reflected by the Excellent SME certificate.


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November 3.

Swisscham25 tree planting in Népliget

For the its 25th anniversary, Swisscham Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce planted 25 trees in Népliget (Budapest) supported finacnially by its member companies and professionally by Főkert. Helping this cause, we were one of the donors.

August 13.

We are open

We became a part of the Open Community this year, that is why we are publishing the corresponding manifesto.