Habit awareness for vikings

February 3.

A psychology-related board game was invented in Hungary to facilitate networking, be an ice-braker activity at small size social events and support language learning. It was a success at the national market for ages and the inventor team was looking for growth opportunities at the international level.

Habit awareness for vikings


In order to fulfill the wishes of our client, following activities were used:

Translation: Morihana managed the translation of the game to languages of the target geographical area, to help visibility.

Lobbying: Morihana used its network to reach key leaders in respective markets and cooperated with them to create awareness and this built credibility for the product as well as to have a minimum amount players within those countries.


The game is currently available in four more countries in the corresponding native languages. Playing groups established to being involved for a further international game event. Involvement of partner organizations helped the client reaching more local target group as well.

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